Sunday, February 27, 2005

Front Transmission Seal

When I got the car, if you started it and let it warm up a little, transmission fluid would start streaming out of the front of the transmission. I had planned on having the tranny rebuilt, but I'm leaning toward cheaping out and just trying replacing the front seal. Tim went by AutoZone this week and picked up a Timken seal for a 1965 Ford Galaxie Cruise-o-matic. He was given Timken part no. 3331107N. When he got it home to his shop, he tried slipping it on the torque converter and it fit really loose. After some research on the Internet, I determined they had given him a C-4 seal, and that we actually need Timken no. 6988H, which is for FX and MX trannys.

I also discovered that it's really hard to figure out what kind of tranny you have in a 65 Ford. Apparently, there were several available and there's no place I can find on the web that tells you how to figure out which one you have. I'm posting to the Ford Transmission Forum to see if I get any good advice. I'll post a follow-up here if I do.


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