Sunday, February 06, 2005

Intake Install, Part II

Fuel filter, oil filter, intake manifold, water pump, pushrods, rocker assemblies, and (temporarily for the photo shoot) distributor installed today. The manifold went right on, we used RTV High Temp Copper gasket former/sealer. The Edelbrock instructions say don't use cork gaskets at the front and back, instead make a bead with the RTV.

The pipe coming out of the front of the intake that connects via a rubber hose to the water pump does not come installed on the intake. It takes some mighty whacks with a small hand sledge to actually get the thing installed.

Once the intake was on, we installed the rocker assemblies. The right side was on, then afraid we missed something, we went back to the assembly book and sure enough one of the bolts is different from the other three to allow oil to pass through a passage next to one of the bolt holes. So back off the assembly came -- although the bolt was in the correct hole. You can never be too careful.

When we turned the crank, all the valves activated properly. Success!!!

Taking pictures during disassembly really helps. We didn't do a good job taking pictures and we are paying for it now.


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