Saturday, February 05, 2005

Intake Install, Part I

Tim had to work this morning so we didn't get much done today. We cleaned up the old carb, then started putting the intake on.

The Edelbrock instructions say that there is a dowel pin sticking up from the front intake gasket surface on the block that has to be removed (the aluminum intake doesn't have a hole drilled for it for some reason). Getting that sucker out is no mean feat. First we clamped a pair of vise grips on and tried to turn it. The dowel pin is such soft metal, the grips just cut grooves in it. Next we torched the block to expand it, hoping that would help. The pin started to turn, but bit in again. What finally worked was to clamp the vise grips vertically then take channel locks and turn the vise grips with them. The dowel pin is not threaded, but when we kept turning the vise grips counterclockwise, the pin kept easing out as if it were threaded, and a few dozen turns later it was out.

When we went to put the intake on, we realized we didn't have any Edelbrock Gaskacinch #9300. Road trip! Auto Zone carries it but after talking to one of their guys, we realized Gaskacinch is just to hold the gaskets in place while you set the intake down, and we figured we could do that with a little axle grease. While we were there, we picked up new fuel and oil filters. Then we goofed around the rest of the day taking pictures.

Incidentally, how many folks remember that Auto Zone used to be Auto Shack? I worked in the grocery biz from 1980-1990, and our distributor was Malone & Hyde warehouse out of Nashville, TN. If I remember correctly, Auto Shack was originally owned by Malone & Hyde. Then either M&H sold it or got into a copyright issue over the name and changed to Auto Zone. Just one of those little trivia things you pick up, who knows who might need to know that while searching Google 100 years from now!


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