Saturday, January 22, 2005

Heads & Lifters

Today we installed the fuel pump, oil filter housing, heads, lifter, and the oil baffle. The head gaskets were confusing because they were both identical, but both had the same end marked "Front". The only way they would fit the water passages correctly was if one of them was rotated 180 degrees. This meant that one of them had "Front" to the back of the motor. A call to a couple of local shops said this was OK. This also meant that the front water passage was blocked on the left side while the back water passage was blocked on the right side. Another call to the shop said this was correct to allow for proper coolant circulation through the block.

One of the lifters was sticky but loosened up when it was swapped for one in another spot.

We bent the oil baffle pretty badly removing it, but the wire brush in the drill and a little bending made it good as new.


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