Saturday, February 19, 2005


Regular readers may recall that we broke one of the old cast-iron manifolds during tear-down. I want to put a set of headers on it, and have been researching those available. There seem to be three sources:

  1. Crites Restoration $329
  2. FPA $399
  3. Sanderson Headers $285
As you can see from the pictures, the FPAs and the Sandersons are both shorty headers while the Crites are full headers. The best I can tell from info gathered from the FordFe Forum [] the Crites headers are best for racing applications. They are big, give good flow, but may hang too low for casual street applications. The shorty headers seem to be better for my uses. eBay has some Sandersons for FE's and if you dig around the Sanderson website enough you can find the current pricing for big block Fords. I'm leaning toward the Sandersons just due to the pricing but I will call both places.


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