Sunday, May 15, 2005

Continuing Engine Install

Yesterday we spent several hours hooking various parts back up to the engine. We put the pushrods and rocker arm assemblies back on then valve cover gaskets & covers went on. The carb, alternator, power steering pump went back on pretty easily. I cleaned up and painted the original 65 coil with coil bracket (I was out of black so went with Old Ford Blue) and the throttle bracket. We hooked the starter up and the battery and tried the key. Apparently I reversed the leads on the voltage regulator at some point because the inside lights were staying on even with the key off. Reversing the leads fixed that problem. We tried to bump the starter, but no dice - the battery may be dead. But the dash lights came on with the key on "Start" like they're supposed to. Tim got the distributor back in and (hopefully) aligned correctly. Stupid us put the valve covers on first so we couldn't check when #1 exhaust valve was open and when intake was open, so we may be 180 degrees out on the distributor. Should be easy to tell!


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