Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More on Ford Transmission ID

Thanks again to Stuart Anderson over on the Ford Transmission Forum for helping to ID the mystery tranny. It appears I have a 3-speed CruiseO:

If you look closely at the shift quadrant you have a Drive left and a Drive right.

There is a small dot that represents Drive left. In this position the transmission will start in 2nd. and shift to 3rd.

In the next Drive position, drive right, the transmission has 3 speeds.
That would make it either an FX or MX and I'm guessing MX since it has a "rectangular shaped bulge on passenger side" (see the ID pics below). My friend Keith, former owner of a '70 Torino, sent this link to a Cruise-o-matic/Ford-o-matic transmission manual at The Old Car Manual Project.


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