Monday, January 10, 2005

Belated Blog

Allright, I had every intention of starting this blog project last summer when I first obtained my '65 Gal. By now, Tim & I have ripped the engine out, torn it down, sent the block off to the machine shop, got it back, and have the crank and new cam installed. I had every intention of documenting the process photographically, but that didn't happen either. What I have so far is here: a few pics of the block as it stands now. We reused the old crank, which was eccentric at most +/- 0.010" according to the shop, General Automotive of Huntsville, AL. The cam is brand new and stock; I don't want a convertible that shakes the ground at idle. The rear seal was a bear to get installed; I'm still not sure we got one of the side seals in right. Also, we discovered that it's NOT a good idea to wash the block in hot soapy water like the book recommends. What a pain that was to get all the water out of it! Anyway, here's what it looks like now, maybe it won't be all rusty by the next time we get to work on it. Don't you love Early Ford Blue!


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